ADA Voting Booths and Supplies

All handicap booth adapters come with a five year warranty and are lightweight and portable. Each adapter is designed with wide stance stability and is constructed with ABS durable plastic for the top and aluminum stabilizer bars for the stand. Each adapter comes with a heavy-duty, portable storage container with printed set-up instructions.
Poll Star
ADA Booth
Sale price $129
Starfire ADA Voting Booth
Sale price $149.95
Model 2000 ADA Hard Curtain Booth
Sale price $179.95
Poll Master ADA Accessible Booth
Sale price $199
Pollmaster I with Handicap Adapter
Sale price $324.50
Pollmaster II with Handicap Adapter
Sale price $279.50
Handicapped Leg Adapter Set
Sale price $30
per set
Standard Leg Set for Poll Star, Starfire and Model 2000 (set of 4)
Sale price $60
per set
Poll Star Light
Sale price $30