Poll Master I

Product number: PMI-L
Designed to look good for years! High impact, low maintenance, heavy duty double-wall plastic case, fluorescent light, aluminum legs with stabilizer bars. Adaptable for paper or touch screen (D.R.E.). Unit is lightweight, portable and completely self contained with molded stacking “buttons” for ease of movement and storage.
Product features
• Plug up to ten booths on one outlet
• Handicapped version available
• Ten-year warranty*
• Dual wall construction
• Heavy-duty, rugged plastic case
• Molded wide-stance feet
• A-B labels for easy assembly
• Molded built-in handle
• Steel hinges and recessed steel latches
• Molded assembly instructions
• Aluminum stabilizer bars
• Fluorescent light with accessory outlet
Product specifications
• Height - 58"
• Width - 25"
• Depth - 22"
• Case width - 6.25"
• Shelf height - 36.5"
• Weight - 22 lbs.
*Parts, workmanship, repair or replace (abuse not covered)